7 years mule musiq party in germany(14/6/2011)


mule electronic 79 is just out!!(10/6/2011)


dj jus-ed vision dance release party at eleven(3/6/2011)


more info www.go-to-eleven.com

metamorphose 2011(25/5/2011)

minilogue will join to metamorphose 2011.
more info http://www.metamo.info/

mule musiq 56 is just out(25/5/2011)


enjoy the silence vol.2 is finally released!!(20/5/2011)



endless flight 35 is just out!!(20/5/2011)



what's coming?(11/5/2011)

hello everyone,

mule electronic is set to release the album of jus-ed in the mid of august and collaboration album of minilogue&koss in this autumn.
some nice 12" are also coming like kassem mosse new moniker "seltene erden",
sebastian mullaert aka minilogue,kab inc minilogue remix,fred p aka black jazz consortium,first single cut of minilogue&koss inc dj qu rmx and many more...
and don't miss the second edition of mule's ambient compilation "enjoy the silence"
which is coming in the end of this month!!

endless flight is just waiting to receive the long awaited new album of "force of nature".hope we can have in this year...

mule musiq is pushing new star from south africa with the various 12" release called "african calling".the vol.2 will be released very soon.
the remix package of mr raoul k are coming in this summer.

let's get lost is getting very good response.new release vol.7 is just out.
the track called "1001nights" is killer tune.hopefully it will be big tune in this summer.
the new release from jd twitch,kza,johnwaynes are coming in this summer/autumn.

thank you!



digital release is 18 may and 12" release is 13 june.
don't miss this excellent collaboration!!

fred p aka black jazz consortium@eleven on 21th may(11/5/2011)