There are Artist who Create for Recondition and Approval and there are thoseartist who breathe to Create. Kuniyuki is one who is closely associated withthe later.
I was introduced to Kuni through Satoru Ogawa of my favorite Home Sapporohe's another person who I admire and respect. Satoru made it a point tointroduce me to Kuni's Music and from the very moment that I listed tokuni's "Precious Hall" I fell in love. Then when I finally met kunieverything made sense.
Kuni is a true Artist an artist that I love and respect. His music displaysTrue emotion and life and when I listen to his music I can feel his Soul butmost importantly it's his own music. With his new CD "We Are Together" Kuni creates yet another Masterpiece from his Heart and Soul. I Love This CD and I'm sure that everyone who listens to this Beautiful yet Cosmic work will also Love It.
Kuni Thank you for giving our Planet Your Music, Spirit and Heart
Peace, Love and Respect

Joaquin joe Claussell
Spiritual Life and Sacred Rhythm Music


In any field of music, artists and producers of note are invariably those who are able find their own voice
and follow their own direction - it is this individuality that makes their work appealing and superior to a larger body of mediocre music that's always in circulation at any given time. Kuniyuki is certainly one who has his own voice, and one whom I consider head and shoulders above the mass of music producers that confront us when we walk into any record store. As this album shows, Kuni is a multi instrumentalist of considerable prowess, and one who knows perfectly how to blend his playing skills with electronic beats and computer generated sounds to give special results. Such talents are few and far between in today's music scene.

Perhaps Kuniyuki is one of the Japanese music scene's best kept secrets,
but now all that is about to change.

Ian o'Brien(Peace Frog)


The more I learn about Kuniyuki's music, the more I realize we have been shadowing each other through connections going back over a decade. Not so much connections of style - although, like myself, Kuniyuki produces in a wide range of unlikely genres. Still, something about our styles seems to have created connections of time between us. It was only recently that I discovered Kuniyuki and I were linked in the early 1990's, when we both had projects released by the European label KK Records. Of course there is the shared link to New York and Japanese House culture (pertinent to this project), through which we first met while performing at the same event in Sapporo a few years ago; and most recently I had the fun privilege of watching Kuniyuki perform at my resident party "DJ Sprinkles' Deeperama" in Club Module (Shibuya).
Kuniyuki is one of those unusual people who clearly has both "musician skills" with conventional instruments; and "studio skills" with software, editing and engineering equipment. In "We Are Together," his sublime programming and editing blurs the lines between "performance" and "sampling," invoking acoustic images of times and places real or imaginary, but never losing sight of this release's format as a "recording." Similarly, these tracks have club sensibility, but avoid conventional DJ patterns and tricks. These are not recordings of performances. Nor simple-minded club edits. But the recording as a performance itself. And that has great appeal for me as both a producer and a DJ.
I look forward to our next shadow-crossing.

Terre Thaemlitz(Comatonse Records)