album and ep

DRP: somewere in the skeleton-enkphalin-(VA)
from body records (Belgium)

DRP: electro brain 586(LP/CD)
from body records (Belgium)

DRP: electro genetic-warp-(VA)
from KK records (Belgium)

DRP: music hologram-v.i.a-(VA)
from electric blue (Japan)

DRP: untitled-(VA)
from compilation (Holland)

mask: analog in my mind-(VA)
from dubrexrecords (Japan)

forth: analog in my mind2-(VA)
from dubrexrecords (Japan)

kuka: new biginning-playless-(VA)
from fuctory records (Japan)

frr hive: frr hive(CD MINI ALBUM/12inch)
from bassmental (Japan)

KUNI: Nu-Way (VA / album title : The good good )
from 2000Black (UK)

OTO: subeyes001 (album)
from digibeat a division of king records (Japan)

KOSS: RING (album)
from soundofspeed (Japan)

Kuni: kids breath&bird 12inch
from Lifeline records (Japan)

kuni: cascades of colour-sugar love mix
(included in the ananda project: re release remix album)
from king street sounds (USA)

from soundofspeed (Japan)

kuniyuki: precious hall (12inch ep)
from natural resource-spiritual life (USA)

Kuniyuki: NXS-Sleepers remix
from comma

kuniyuki: NXS-Sleepers remix
included in the Ian'o'brian's compiled "soul of science3"
from UK

kuniyuki: Sekai no ichiban tooi tochi e
from king records

kuniyuki: slam mode-umri remix12 inch ep
from spiritual life music (USA)

koss: ring (album)
from mule electronic (japan&GARMANY)

koss: ring 12inch ep 2 set
from mule electronic (japan&GARMANY)

koss: ra1030in&remix fumiya tanaka 12 inch ep
from mule electronic (japan&GARMANY)

kuni: sunshine/moonlight 12inh ep
from mule musiq (j japan&GARMANY)

kuniyuki: earth beats 12inh ep
from mule musiq (japan&GARMANY)

kuniyuki takahashi: we are together (album)
from mule musiq (japan)

kuniyuki: TRANLATE-joe claussell mix CD (V.A)
slam mode umri remix by kuniyuki (USA)